Sorry, but Codies is offline.

This site was created as a successor to many sites like it. It was, and still is, the most user and stream friendly site of its kind. I'm proud of my creation and the good it has created. This site was never (and would never have been) monetized; the satisfaction from making people happy is more valuable to me than any income.

Unfortunately, no good deed goes unpunished, and I've been threatened into taking the site down. I don't have the mental capacity or resources to deal with arguing my side, so here we are.

The real losers in this are you, the players. I hope you're able to find quality alternatives, though I doubt you'll find a site with quite the interface and set of features that Codies had.

If you have a few bucks, consider donating to the EFF, an organization that stands on the right side of IP and privacy law. Who knows, maybe it'll make a difference for someone like me.

Until next time.